The UCQ Registered on Time for the Elections

(Press release) July 15, 2012 - The Quebec Citizens' Union (UCQ) is now an official provincial political party. Its members rejoice at this news; they will be able to actively participate in the next electoral campaign.

The Directeur général des élections du Québec has just confirmed that the process to be an official party is complete. "We will present about ten candidates spread throughout the regions of Quebec" says Maxime Guérin, co-ordinator of the UCQ. "The delays are short, but we have been working for many months to run in the elections."

The Quebec Citizens' Union wishes to restore citizens as the main focus of Quebec politics. "The UCQ is a progressive, federalist party which is offering a missing alternative in Quebec", points out Alexis St-Gelais, deputy co-ordinator of the party. The group seeks to bring a human dimension to the economy, to make public services efficient and responsive to the population, to apply sustainable development and to give more autonomy to the regions and communities of Quebec.

 The political commission of the party is putting the final details to our program. Members of the UCQ will then be given the opportunity to modify it through the Internet. "Our plan will contain policies about key debates such as natural resources management, higher education and the environment," concludes Alexis St-Gelais.

Citizens can follow the development of the party on Facebook or by using its website,

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